The Magical Effects of LED Light Therapy

LEDs (light emitting diodes) including red and infrared lights have been proven to have enormous benefits for your skin as well as relief for pain issues. Scientific studies have shown that some skin cells may actually develop 150-200% faster when exposed to red an infrared LED wavelengths. led light face mask in cellular growth may help increase the healing process tremendously. In fact, tests have revealed that both red and infrared LED wavelengths affect at least 24 varied and constructive changes at a cellular level.

This technology was originally developed for NASA plant growth experiments in outer space and they discovered that it had the ability to speed up the healing of injuries the astronauts received while circling the Earth. The same technology was discovered to diminish lines, wrinkles, scarring, age spots, crow's feet, as well as a reduction in pain and inflammation while speeding up the course of healing.

The DPL Therapy System, which has been approved by the FDA, uses both infrared LED lights (880nm) and red LED lights (660nm) that have the ability to permeate into your tissue where they offer profound positive benefits for your skin, muscles, joints, and circulation. LED light therapy is a chemical-free and drug-free alternative for pain relief and skin rejuvenation that is gaining popularity exponentially.

The DPL System has been proven to trigger the production of endorphins and has the ability to block pain-transmitting chemicals subsequently offering a natural and non-narcotic analgesia. It has also been shown to support collagen synthesis, a crucial protein within the skin that is used to keep the skin looking and acting youthful. LED light therapy also increases DNA production which helps the body replace damaged cells with strong and healthy ones more rapidly. Furthermore, this technology has been reported to increase cellular energy which encourages younger and healthier skin.

Benefits of LED light therapy for Pain Relief:

Relieves Muscle and Joint Aches and Pain
Increases Circulation
Reduces Inflammation and Swelling
Aids Arthritis Pain and Stiffness
Relaxes Muscles
Relieves Muscle Spasms
Relieves Back Pain
Repairs Tissue Damage
Benefits of LED light therapy for skin rejuvenation:

Stimulates collagen production
Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles
Speeds up the healing of blemishes
Improves skin tone
Activates cellular energy
Lessens pore size
Smoothes texture
Reduces age spots
Helps sun-damaged skin
Reduces scarring
Red LED light therapy is a safe and gentle option for those in search of a chemical-free method for relieving pain and/or rejuvenating the skin. It allows you to experience the vast benefits of this technology for both body and skin and makes it effortless to accelerate healing in and on your body and achieve younger looking skin.
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